The Disadvantage Of Using Technology In Business

Yes, everything is going on in this world with the developed technology trends. The technological world is good for business at sometimes, but not all the times. It has many disadvantages in it. So, we should be very careful in using the technology-based things in our business. Let us discuss the limitations of using technology in business and its bad impacts very briefly and so that we can have a clear knowledge of the technology.

  • Expensive:

The most important limitation is its cost. The technology-based things and equipment are very expensive which the small businessmen cannot afford to buy it. We can even buy the technology-based software, but it needs update often and it will again cost expensive. This can be suitable for a bigger enterprise, but not at all suitable for the small entrepreneurs who are running a business by getting loans from the banks or debts from the lenders. The maintenance of the technology applications are very difficult and also it costs so high.

  • Security:

There is no security in an automated technology based software application. Because when the computer system faces a crash or collapse, the entire data present in the system will get deleted and the business will face a great loss. This will never occur in a manual application because everything will get done manually and so the safety and the security will be very high in a manual system than the technology-based system.

  • Distractions:

Due to the technological improvements, the business will face a loss many times. Because the employees will see the social networks often and this will obviously make very less productivity and thus a bigger loss will happen. Though many companies block the access to the social media, some companies are still allowing the employees to see the social networks. This will make the distractions at the workplace and also make the employees so lazy and they will not work hard.

  • Communication:

As everything has become technologized, the employees are supposed to communicate through mail and phone calls. So this will disturb the direct communication and so there will be no relationship among the employees working in a company. Even the employees do not know each other’s face as there is no visual and direct communication.

  • Employees become lazier:

The technology mainly makes the people too lazy because there is no manual work and a single click will make many works done. So, the employees become lazy easily with the improvement in technology.

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