Lana Wong and Francis Kimanzi started the shootback project in August 1997. The Project consists of 31 members which is gender sensitive having 15 girls and 16 boys. The youth had to apply and the 31 members got selected for being active in MYSA activities and each one of them was given a clear shot camera and a role of film. Since then they have been taking pictures of any kind in the slum and also pictures of boys and girls from MYSA playing football.

It is so good when life gives you opportunities to grow!
Only a year ago, I had nothing to call my own. I was losing my day job to attrition in the company. The company was not doing too well fiscally and the downsizing was imminent. I knew I would have to go and finding a new job post-recession was a tough thing. I knew I had to start something alternatively or else I would be stranded and homeless. The thought of being homeless was terrifying.

That was the day I started scouting for jobs:

I met lots of people who could help me with my job hunting. I even wrote out applications for jobs I was overqualified for and then I searched the internet for options to do part-time.

I was game for even a teaching job at tutorials close by. Fortunately, while browsing only a week later, I hit upon a page where the virtues of online trading were extolled.

Now I had no idea what online trading was anyways so I skipped the article and went on reading. The following evening, I saw a similar article on online trading on my linked in profile and I knew that this was something that everyone was talking about.

So, I read up!

And am I happy that I did!

The article gave a great lowdown on everything that a novice must know about trading. I was at the end of the article quite convinced that I must also start online trading just in case I was losing my job and had nothing to fall back on.

So, I invested and lo!

In a couple of hours, I was through the screening, my initial deposit was made and I was also assigned a registered broker! Whoa! This was quick. I was impressed nonetheless!!

The best is yet to come:

Till the next morning, I have doubled my investment! Yippee!! You can learn more at Top 10 Binary Demo. Simply follow this link.

The members meet on Saturdays and discuss with their teachers the problems they face and also sometimes they get lessons from photojournalists from Kenya and other parts of the world. Some of the invited guests are; photographers from Nation newspaper Khamis Ramadhani, Rebecca Nduku . Blasto Ogindo and Wendy Stone among others.

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