The two groups, Commenius College in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and the MYSA group in Nairobi Kenya built virtual places on a deserted island together. They chose the function for the village they would most like to see, be it a hang out place, a treehouse, a cafe or an airport.

Sometimes, it makes sense to do something that is not so common:

Have you ever felt the need to not be one among the crowd? Now, everyone follows the herd but the person who thinks that they cannot be a part of the herd and have the courage to be able to stand up for themselves is the one who will set a trend and millions of others will follow him or her.

Online trading is something that you must try:

A couple of months ago, I was sitting jobless at home whiling away most of my time. I was looking at a perfect workplace where I could be myself creatively. But seems that every place that I had in my mind were either overflowing with job applicants already or had no vacancy at all in the first place.

A couple of weeks later, I still had no job!

A little bit of saving that I had was my ration for the days that I sought another job. But weeks later and with no job likely to be on hand even now, I realized that my bank statement was a dangerous thing to reckon with. I did not have enough saving to last me even more than three weeks and in case I did not find any job in good time I would be rendered homeless because then I would no longer officially e capable of paying my monthly rent and my landlady was not a saintly lady at all!

Then something wonderful happens!

I was browsing the internet one day quite dejected when I opened the link to suggested web pages from my email and voila! What do I see?

This page tells me that there are trading platforms that I can trade on sitting right in the plush comfort of my home! I am interested and I start reading and I realize that this is it!

They filled their place in the village with images, texts, wishes and links. The groups worked individually and in groups and made use of an online notice board to collect suggestions and images from students in the other country to help them build their part of the island. The interface is scrollable norama of the island with parts of it clickable to zoom in on the areas built by the students.

The exchange started ran through February and March 2000. Take a look around the island to see the results:Island!

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