Marketing Strategy And Consumers: The Relation And Impact

Whenever you plan a marketing event at any location, you come across different scenarios. In one section, you can find a lot of individuals in the audience distracted from what you are trying to convey and are busy chit-chatting amongst them. Similarly, you might find some people in the same crowd who are glued to what you are saying and are completely interested in all the statements you are making. Even the simple jokes that you are making are been appreciated.

This is exactly what customer-centric marketing is all about. You need to target those individuals only who seems to be interested in and listening to what you are trying to convey. These are the people who can realize the value of the products you are offering. You are expected to form a thorough understanding of the clients who are interested to participate in the event, what they prefer and the behavior pattern they showcase. This is the main effective customer-centered approach that you will have to adapt to be a hit in the market.

We need to understand that this type of strategy is not just beneficial for all, but highly essential as well. It is so competitive out there that you can sustain in the market today only if you share a strong bond with your consumers. However, this entire thought doesn’t mean that you have to completely ignore the majority of the other customers who might gradually join your fan club. How to do so? Well, here we have some points for you.

How marketing approach can attract new consumers

To become consumer-centric, ensure to adapt the below-given strategies-

  • Avoid ditching: If you observe that some of your consumers are not active, make sure that you do not ditch or ignore them. They are an integral part of your marketing strategy. However, focusing more on good and beneficial consumers will definitely boost your sales for a long span of time.


  • Collect information: It is very important for you to effectively collect as much data about your existing as well as potential clients for effective marketing. If your marketing campaigns will be data-driven, it is more likely for the results to be favorable and advantageous.


  • Conduct tests: Before you get your strategy active and on-board, it is always ideal to test it first on a small group of people. Find out how the audience reacts to your move and once you are convinced about the approach, go ahead and take over the market like a boss.


  • Believe in making long-term strategies: Short-term strategies are significant too, but it’s basically the long-term policies that will benefit you in and out. So focus on them.

Here are some leading companies in the market today in the industry of FOREX that has adopted such strategies and are earning millions today. Take inspiration from them and adopt all these policies to flourish in the market like no other rival.




You might be one among the thousands who wish to make a comfortable living out of trading cryptocurrencies. If that is you, then there are certain things that you need to know before you get started, that is if you are new to trading and wish to take it slow. So, continue reading to find out what you will need to learn before venturing into the cryptocurrency trading world.

  1. First, know the price – Nothing should be taken for granted because everything has a price that you must pay. Therefore, the first thing that you must do before beginning to trade is to check the price of every trade option that you think is feasible. For this, you can refer to the trade index or to a trade broker to find out what is the latest trade value and based on this input, you can open new orders or set daily order limits safely.
  2. Second, choose a broker – The next important decision that you will need to make is to select the trade exchange, otherwise known as the trade broker so that you can make secure fund transfers or deposits. A trade exchange or broker performs the role of a digital wallet, one that you will need to store your currencies safely. However, always check trader reviews before committing to one particular trade broker because this is a very important part while trading. Do not be carried away by false news such as Crypto Code scam and most importantly when in doubt always ask for help.
  3. Third, realize your capital – No pain, no gain! Therefore, without an initial capital investment from your end, you cannot dream of making millions out of trading. Hence, you must find out the source of your capital to fuel your trading activities. Also, remember that you must only source what you can afford to lose. This is not gambling where you can bet on a full house or a royal flush. So, keep it simple and keep it low in the beginning.
  4. Fourth, identify trading strategies – Every game requires strategy. Why do you think there are grandmasters in chess? This is because they can identify every move that their opponent will make. This is called strategizing. Similarly, as a trader you will need to identify one or two strategies of your own that you think will help you earn profits. A good way to start is by going through price charts.

What is the probability that you get a head when you toss a coin one time? We can answer this in the split of a second now in contrast to our school days when we used to struggle to get even the basics right. The answer is same as the probability of your business hitting the right note. Quite simple, isn’t it? What if you are tossing the coin continuously for innumerable times? Again, it is the same as the number of methods you need to adopt for your business. Here, it becomes quite complex. There is an organized solution to this complexity and that is called Business Statistics.

Do not rush to amass books and frantically search the internet for establishing and steadying up your dreams. We give you what you need, and exactly that. We stick to the concepts and practices in business statistics essential and for advancing.

A tailor-made statistics course for you

Statistics in a combination of numbers and science and hence is extremely flexible to be applied in any field of your preference. You can do a business pertaining to any sector, like retail, manufacturing, construction, finance, services, life sciences, medicine and so on goes the long list. Although the underlying concepts and the source of study materials are the same for all areas, the advanced application strategies vary depending on the features of the proposed business operation.

We follow a course with four modules, with the first two modules common to all business sectors. The third module makes you familiar with the statistical applications in your area of interest and the final module makes you competent to statistically approach your business independently. If you want to construct a Crypto Code algorithm, the last two modules will impart all the theories, practical training and real-life exposure in the world of trading robots.

Highlights of our course:

  • Learn and practice with real-data from the concerned business firms.
  • Face-to-face interaction with experts in statistics and business.
  • Opportunity to imbibe from your successful predecessors.
  • Flexible classroom schedules, contact classes for correspondence enrols and regular practise materials.
  • The most comprehensive coursework with references from authentic contributors, subjected to regular updates.
  • Affordable fees with comfortable installments and special fee waiver for lumpsum payments and scholarships.


On successful completion of the course, the students will be awarded recognized certificates and build-up resources for statistical programmes. Chose any duration to achieve the expertise you desire and start applying the same to your business.


Why Is The Good Old Savings Account Still Very Popular?

Investors of today are very smart when it comes to picking their investment choices. They have the internet to give them all the information they need about the many investment plans. There are bot advisors that can help them understand their credit performance and to pick the most suitable places to park their investment funds. If they choose to trade there are trading bots to assist them. If they choose to go for managed funds there are some very flexible mutual funds. With so many advancements in the fintech domain, most of the investors still own one or more savings accounts along with their checking accounts. Why are savings account so popular till date?

There is the safety that a savings account offers

Not all investments come with the kind of security guarantee that a savings account offers. Market risks, external factors, inflation, recession, none of the economic events would cause the money in your savings account to dwindle. The zero risk involved in this option is what makes it a safe haven for placing the extra funds.

Liquidity like no other

Checking accounts have limits on the withdrawal and these are sometimes very tight. Savings accounts have higher withdrawal limits. And with a savings account, one can access the funds either using the debit card or through internet banking. Online transfers and payments can be done round the clock. The convenience in accessing the funds placed in a savings account makes them perfect even for the times of emergencies.

There is an interest being added

Based on the average balance you maintain in your account you would be given an interest. The rate of interest is the least in comparison with most other types of investments. This is one reason why people choose other investments when the capital in the savings account increases. But still, for the level of convenience you get and the ease of using a savings account, getting an interest is a good thing. One can always compare the interest rates offered by various banks and pick the best one.

Can be linked easily with other accounts

When you link your savings account to your checking account you can carry out a lot of fund transfer automation. Besides this, even some of the most common monthly payments can easily be automated in a savings account. Most banks also provide mobiles apps for convenient maintenance of the account and for monitoring the account activity.

If You Hate Budgeting Stop Right Now And Start Reverse Budgeting Instead!

The moment you start earning money the need for budgeting begins. Remember those days when you calculated every penny before you made any expenses out of your pocket money? That is budgeting too. So everyone does budgeting at some point or the other. When everyone tries so hard to document their income and expenses and everyone tries to save, then why do most people always start feeling a cash crunch within the mid-month? This is where the art of reverse budgeting comes into the picture.

Reverse-budgeting is just a fancy term. What it really means is to save before you spend rather than save all the money that is left after your expenses. If you wait to save from whatever is left after your monthly expenses then you would have to keep waiting. When there is money at hand, expenses keep coming in some form or the other. So if you start reverse budgeting then you would find it easier and you would also feel motivated to save more every time.

Set a goal – short-term or long-term

Financial goals do not always have to be big ones like buying a car or a home or education fee. Any short-term goal would work as a motivational factor to inspire you to save every month. Keep a realistic goal so that you do not have to cut down on the essential expenses or struggle too much.

Automate the savings if possible

It is a good idea to use the option of automation of fund transfers to make sure that you do not forget or postpone the savings. You can choose to automatically move a predefined amount into your savings account every month on a particular date. Another method is to pick some investment that calls for monthly payments where delayed payments can cause penalties. Then you would be forced to pay the installment and once the tenure is done you also have the profits at hand.

Keep increasing your goals

Once you start getting the hang of saving first and then spending from what is left it would be easy to increase in gradual amounts. This way you can slowly increase your savings. Every time you find your savings accumulate and get bigger you can then invest it in some place that would meet your financial requirements. You could choose the conventional investments like mutual funds and bonds or even choose to trade. Even if you do not know to trade there are trading bots that can be of great help. Investments are great ways to make the best use of the capital you accumulated.

The 3 Major Concepts In The Forex Trade

Foreign exchange market, in short, called the Forex or currency market, is a venture for earning profit through currency differences or fluctuations. This market is considered to be the fast-moving, on-going market as currency forms a basis for our living. It is impossible to achieve anything without money in this modern era. The primary objective of Forex trading is to buy one currency for the other with anticipation of a change in price in future.

To become a foreign exchange trader, one must understand the 3 main concepts used in foreign exchange platform. The trading mechanism of Forex is as same as the trading in stock exchanges. If you are a trader in other markets, trading in Forex is easy to understand. Let us get into the three simple trading concepts in Forex trade.

1) Forex Quote: In the Forex trading platform, the currencies are always mentioned in pairs i.e. in relation to other currencies. As the exchange rate is the ratio of one currency to the other, there must be a quote of two currencies. Moreover, in Forex trade, you buy one currency by selling the other. Thus, the currencies are quoted in combinations. For instance: USD/GBP, which means the exchange rate between the United States Dollars to Great Britain Pound. In this example, the first listed currency i.e. USD is called the “base currency” and the second listed currency next to slash is called as the counter currency or quote currency which is GBP. This tells the trader how much he/she has to pay unit of quote currency to get one unit of base currency.

2) Long/short: Long and short in Forex is all about buying and selling. A trader would proceed to buy the base currency if he estimates that the price would rise in future. He/she would then sell them when the price reaches the highest value. So taking a long position and selling the currency when the price is at high value is called “long”. Long implies buying. While “short” implies selling. Meaning, a trader sells the base currency when he/she expects the price of the currency to fall.

3) Prices: If you are following trading, you would have come across the term “bid, ask and spread prices”. Let us learn the underlying meaning of these terms. A Bid price is a price at which you sell the base currency in the market in exchange for quote currency. An ask price or an offer price is a price at which you buy the base currency from the market. The difference between the price you buy and sell the currency is called as the spread.

Trading has become a simple, easy and comfortable mode of earning money pursuant to development of the internet and the technology. Traders now rely entirely on the suggestions and the report generated by the trading bots while executing a trade. Read more about the top rated trading bots and its distinctive features available in the market today.




Good sources of required elements are necessary for the growth of all kinds of things that exist and matter to us in one or the other way. Just how healthy and sufficient nutrition is required for the mental and physical growth of a child, similarly reliable and adequate funds are needed for a business to set-up in the initial phase and then strive in the market amongst the cut-throat competition. For a while, your trade can continue to work without enough employees but lack of money to cater the prime requirements will bring down the name and position of the firm in no time.

Since it’s very likely that there are going to be debts to deal with for the owner, his or her business without a dependable source of extra income will continue to stumble. It goes without saying that good financial back-up is the main fuel that helps the business to move ahead day by day. One can try to arrange money from different types of avenues today as the industry offers plenty of options for the same. Investing money in the banks and floating money in digital currency has become a successful trend. Online cryptocurrency software like Crypto CFD Trader provides you with every possible opportunity to grow your money to meet all your business and personal needs. Try investing in Crypto CFD Trader and create additional back-up for your company to have a sound future for your trade-in future.

Need for funding in business:

Let’s understand some of the most significant reasons that justify the importance of money management to run a successful business.

  • Having ample money in hand is the main thing required to run a business smoothly. Without decent back-up, the organization will be destined to fail.


  • All the employees working in the company need to be paid on time. For once you can compromise your own profits but you can never think of compromising the salaries of your employees as they further got to run their homes using that money.


  • Once the company has flourished enough to expand, more goods and services are to be produced. For that, one would need extra space to cater the requirements. Having enough money in the firm’s kitty with facilitating expansion very easily and without any major hassles.


  • In case of any mishaps in the company- be it fire or employees’ medical insurance- you need to have sufficient cash to pay for the needs. These requirements cannot be ignored as they are related to the safety of you as well as your employees.

It’s wise to keep these considerations in mind so that we never fall short of funds while running a business.

Mathare youth association was formed in 1987. By then mysa office was a 9 meter square room. With the expand in sports,community, selfhelp projects and leadership trainning programs by and for the youth of Mathare and for and neighbouring slums as a viable model.

One must aspire!

This is what my parents thought me. There is nothing that one cannot achieve but the only condition is that he must want it first. Indeed, a person who does not stop fighting to have it will have what he is fighting for in the end come what may. It is as if the whole universe with its diverse elements would conspire to help him get what he wants so badly.

Here is what my case was:

You will not believe that this swanky office and these lovely suits and shoes that I am sporting today were not there even a couple of years ago. I could not even afford to travel by public transport. I was in one set of clothes for more than a fortnight and the day my mother would decide that the clothes needed a wash, I would stay back in the house not attending college on the pretext of not being too well because I did not have enough clothes to go out that day.

The transformation came when my the lecturer came to know about us:

Mrs. Smith was the economics teacher and she thought that I was naturally talented in the subject. What she did not know was that I stayed up until the Zen hours on the day studying before her class to impress her so that she could help me try for a scholarship. I would do the lessons even before she would do the explanation in the class.

Mrs. Smith came to know about me through a classmate and she decided o help me do online trading and in her own words to be able to carry the burden of the house on my shoulders.

She lent me $250 and her old laptop and she asked to study the websites and give her a feedback as to which one of them was the right one to invest all that money into.

Diligent student:

The kind of responsible student that I was I decided to read through make notes, tabular columns etc and the next day I was at her desk with a small booklet titled QProfit System Review.

She read through the pages with evincing interest and looked at my face and said, “now go ahead and make sure you double that up”

When you have, give me the initial deposit back!

I was surprised. And teary-eyed. I hugged her and said a thank you. In three days flat, I returned her initial investment. She was impressed! She helped me get a good scholarship and a lifetime of trust because it is two years since and I still trade on this lovely software! I am so glad that Mrs. Smith came in my life. May good Lord Jesus bless her always!!

Inspiration and source of expertise for similar youth self-help projects in poor urban and rural communities in kenya and other countries.

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Trading in the cryptocurrency industry has become a new avenue for investors who are keen to make a good profit and making it an alternate source of income method. The established financial system and an accelerated growth of the cryptocurrency markets over the past few years has made this form of investor trading a popular mode to successfully monetize and lead their life of dreams. Preliminary research is always advisable about the cryptocurrency broker and keeping track of the type of crypto robot chosen to place the trades.

Crypto trading is a great way in achieving the financial security and independence, as the rule of the game in the trading world is slowly changing into the digital space more to enable individuals from all walks of life to trade and earn consistent profits on a daily basis, without any knowledge about this virtual industry. The more time and money one invests, the benefits are more and so is a chance to understand the minute details is placing the trades, which the robots do to completely negate the human error while placing forex currency paired or solo trading online.

Always make sure that the Crypto robot or broker one is choosing to consider to start trading is worth the time, investment and effort, continue to for the best suggestions and trade signals, for optimizing the investment with a consistent winning ratio. Users have to carefully choose the trading robot for a smooth operation into the crypto mining websites, double check the information presented in the official landing page of the website of the investment tool they propose, before choosing the robot trading. Important things to look out are a Genuine creator, authentic profits claimed, good learning guide, and realistic display of results, reliable customer support center, and special features if any indicated.

The fruitful opportunities are waiting to be explored in currency mining which is considered to be the future of trading circles as there is a lot of focus and paradigm shift, investors can avoid getting into scamming websites by carefully checking their reviews and performance in the exchanges before investing their time and earnings into the cryptocurrency trading. These robots have an immense speed to read through a lot of data, analysis and speculate favorable trades for the user and execute multiple trades in a day. A reliable crypto robot to trade is the most useful tool for beginners in the currency mining industry.


Lana Wong and Francis Kimanzi started the shootback project in August 1997. The Project consists of 31 members which is gender sensitive having 15 girls and 16 boys. The youth had to apply and the 31 members got selected for being active in MYSA activities and each one of them was given a clear shot camera and a role of film. Since then they have been taking pictures of any kind in the slum and also pictures of boys and girls from MYSA playing football.

It is so good when life gives you opportunities to grow!
Only a year ago, I had nothing to call my own. I was losing my day job to attrition in the company. The company was not doing too well fiscally and the downsizing was imminent. I knew I would have to go and finding a new job post-recession was a tough thing. I knew I had to start something alternatively or else I would be stranded and homeless. The thought of being homeless was terrifying.

That was the day I started scouting for jobs:

I met lots of people who could help me with my job hunting. I even wrote out applications for jobs I was overqualified for and then I searched the internet for options to do part-time.

I was game for even a teaching job at tutorials close by. Fortunately, while browsing only a week later, I hit upon a page where the virtues of online trading were extolled.

Now I had no idea what online trading was anyways so I skipped the article and went on reading. The following evening, I saw a similar article on online trading on my linked in profile and I knew that this was something that everyone was talking about.

So, I read up!

And am I happy that I did!

The article gave a great lowdown on everything that a novice must know about trading. I was at the end of the article quite convinced that I must also start online trading just in case I was losing my job and had nothing to fall back on.

So, I invested and lo!

In a couple of hours, I was through the screening, my initial deposit was made and I was also assigned a registered broker! Whoa! This was quick. I was impressed nonetheless!!

The best is yet to come:

Till the next morning, I have doubled my investment! Yippee!! You can learn more at Top 10 Binary Demo. Simply follow this link.

The members meet on Saturdays and discuss with their teachers the problems they face and also sometimes they get lessons from photojournalists from Kenya and other parts of the world. Some of the invited guests are; photographers from Nation newspaper Khamis Ramadhani, Rebecca Nduku . Blasto Ogindo and Wendy Stone among others.

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