The Wealth Cycle Guide For Investors


Many of the online businesses want to target good investors.  But without proper planning, they end up in huge and wasteful marketing expenses.  It is the normal practice to classify and target investors according to their age.   The normal understanding is that young people can invest in long-term plans and accommodate high-risk options.  Aged people need a regular income and less risky options.

In the life cycle approach, all the investors are grouped in terms of age alone.   The financial condition of the investor is completely ignored.

But every investor is unique and their investment motives may be different.  Hence a wealth cycle guide may be a much more useful approach:

  1. The Accumulation stage:


During this stage, the investor’s primary motive will be to build wealth for a financial goal which is quite some time away.  Hence long term investment is possible for him.

The needs may be for retirement or higher education expense of children.


  1. The Transition stage:


In this stage, the financial goal of the client will be in near future.  For example, an investor in 50’s nearing retirement needs to adjust his investment according to the age of his retirement.


  1. Reaping stage:


This is the cashing out stage where the investor will be ready to meet his expenses for which he had saved all the years.  For example, a person had planned and saved for 10 years to undertake a star cruise journey.  The reaping stage will be the 10th year just before the start of the travel.


  1. The Intergenerational transfer stage:


Investor up to early 50’s may not feel the need to transfer the wealth to the next generation.  But investor nearing 70’s may feel such a need.  So the help of a financial advisor who is well versed in legal aspects as well as estate planning is needed at this stage.


  1. The sudden wealth stage:


Sometimes events like winnings from contest/lottery etc. result in a sudden inflow of huge amount.  The investor may not have expectation or knowledge to invest.  So it is better to seek guidance from a good financial planner, banker or insurer to invest the money in safe avenues.


There are many avenues to invest money like online trading and cryptocurrency.  There are numerous apps like crypto VIP club, crypto code, bitcoin loophole etc which can be used for cryptocurrency trading.  In most of the apps, automated trading bots are in-built.


Types Of Finance Available To Fund Business Projects


Any economy will flourish only when there is good growth in trade and agriculture.  Businesses provide employment, income, and products for consumption to the entire world population.  Only new business projects can help a country to tackle its unemployment issues and help the country to grow.   In any country, there should be encouraging conditions which should help the business houses to grow and prosper.  Suppose if the policies of the country make entrepreneurs shun they move on to other countries where they find friendly investor policies and a positive environment for growth.  Many countries have started realizing that such lost opportunities will hamper the growth of the nation as numerous employment opportunities, valuable foreign exchange, improvement in infrastructure are lost.

Finance is the bloodline of business.  Finance should be available at the right time and at a reasonable cost.  Also, finance should be utilized properly.  Idle unutilized funds will eventually bring loss to the business.  Not all the entrepreneurs will be having enough finance to fund their business projects.  There are various means of an external source of finance which will be useful to fund the business.  The following are the popular modes of business loans:

  1. Bank loans: Banks offer loans for purchasing land, building, machinery etc. which are long-term  These loans would be secured by the assets which are purchased out of the loan.  For daily working capital needs banks to provide cash credit overdraft which is a running limit.  The security for overdraft would be the stock of goods and all current assets of the business.  Normally the finance is available to the extent of 80% of project cost.


  1. Government schemes and subsidies: Most countries provide subsidies and concessions in taxation etc. for funding business projects.



  1. Other business houses: Large business houses support and help the setting up and growth of start-ups.  They also extend patronage by purchasing the products of the start-ups.


  1. Foreign investments: Foreign investors look out for good investment opportunities.  Hence the business can be set up with their finance or as a joint venture.


  1. Friends and relatives: One can source funds for business from high net-worth friends and relatives.  Many individuals earn a good profit by cryptocurrency trading, online stock trading etc.  Hence those who are in search of investing their surplus funds can help entrepreneurs by funding his business needs.





Will Cryptocurrencies Face Another Bull Run?

A bullish market is when prices soar up and it seems like a commodity, or all commodities are thriving. In the case of cryptocurrencies, the market has been bullish for a while now. As is the case with all bull runs in the market, there is also a downside to it, a bear run.

In the recent months, there has been some negative speculation about cryptocurrencies, and investors have seen the prices drop. However, things have stabilized now, which has opened up the currency to a new round of speculations.

When is the next bull run?

As of now, the NYSE is planning to get into cryptocurrency trading, and this brings the cryptocurrency out of the open market and well within a regulatory framework. The NYSE is the world’s largest stock exchange and is valued at $23 trillion that is over 100x the estimated value of all cryptocurrency.

When such a platform says that it plans to open a crypto trading platform, then everyone would like to get in on it. Now, in order for an established trader to take on crypto trading, they have to have in their possession the asset itself. Setting up a trading platform is one thing, however, in order for users of the platform to have an actual gain, there needs to be a repository of cryptocurrency in the possession of NYSE.

Why will a bull run happen?

There are a number of reasons the market sees a bull run

  • Positive speculation – trade pundits telling investors that putting their money in a specific commodity will benefit them and it leads to a buying spree thereby driving up prices
  • Positive political events – a lot of people firmly believe that when there are successful elections (aka a popular decision) the markets reflect the mood. A good run at the exchange means that the political outcome is approved by the industry.

With the announcement of a regulated trading platform that is owned and operated by an industry leader, Bitcoin has gained acceptance and more people will invest in it now that there is a recognizable platform for it.

A lot of people miss the fact that cryptocurrency has been a bit of a grey area all over the world. Governments have issued bans, and are cracking down on illegal transactions. If the NYSE goes through with its ETF as well as trading platform, cryptocurrency will gain the approval of the establishment as well be inducted into the mainstream.

Reasons Why One Needs A Mentor For A Successful Business

A huge amount of effort, sweat, and blood is given by business owners to run their small trades and take it to a really high peak of success. There are going to be some people who will make it to the top without taking help from anyone; while there will be some who will be needing appropriate guidance throughout the route in order to achieve their objectives. Be it insightful advice or simply moral support, if you have someone with you as your mentor, you will very likely keep climbing the stairs of success without any major problems in between. Their wisdom will become your weapon.

There are certain entrepreneurs who are too busy or contented to approach anyone to look for help and there are few who think that they can hardly get any help from mentors as far as the smooth running of their trade is concerned. In both the cases, no one realizes that the value and heights a mentor can add to your business is being neglected terribly. The question that you must ask yourself here is- Does your business deserve this? Once you realize that the answer to this query is a no, you would automatically understand the significance of having a mentor.

Why you must look for an experienced mentor

So, to explain this further, here we are with some sensible reasons that justify why you must have a mentor if you want your business to succeed forever.

  • Learn from their experience: If you have a mentor, you get a chance to learn from a first person’s experience instead of just learning from books or examples. Their real-life stories and victories will keep inspiring you.


  • Growth in the network: You get a chance to grow your network if you have a mentor working with you. You can use their contacts to reach out to your target audience and spread the message about your products and services more effectively.


  • Longevity of business: Having a good and reliable mentor increases the life of your business as it is two minds instead of one working to improve and implement the strategies. This allows your business to exist and flourish in the industry for a long time.


  • Improved IQ: A mentor will definitely improve your IQ by sharing immense knowledge with you and by broadening your horizons. You will get a chance to explore the world with a different perspective and ultimately improve your own wisdom.

Explore about some of the best cyber mentors online and find out how they can contribute in making your business a flourishing and famous one.


Forex Trading – How To Be Successful

Over the years, Forex had caused huge losses to the undisciplined and inexperienced trader. If you are able to follow the below-mentioned tips, you will be not one among those people who have lost all. If you wish to trade in digital currencies, then opt for a legit and trustworthy trading platform that has got only good reviews till date.  Go through this link here to know all about it.

Tips to be a successful trader in forex

Plan your goal well- The first thing you need to do is to plan the goal well.  You should be aware of what you need to achieve from trading and the timeframe within which you wish to attain that.  The following questions need to be answered to chalk out a trading plan:

  • The timeframe you need to learn about the trading process through trial and error method
  • The time you could devote to the trading process
  • Are you looking at trading at a full-time career or a part-time work to generate additional income

Having a clear goal will help you in achieving success in trading

Choose the broker wisely- Most of the beginners neglect this point. It is very much critical that the broker should be chosen carefully. A fraudulent or incompetent broker will make you lose all your hard earned money. As you trust someone with your money, you need to do a lot of research before finalizing the broker for you.  The broker should be able to understand your needs and goals so that he too can work towards achieving them. Also, you need to find out the fees charged by them as you do not want to spend everything you earn on the brokers.

Focus on single currency pairs- When you begin trading, it is best if you choose to trade your country’s currency as the world of forex trading is complicated and deep. If you don’t wish to trade in your country’s currency, then you could choose a currency that is widely traded and most liquid. Once you are able to better your skills, you could look at trading with more than one currency pairs.

Restrain your emotions- Euphoria, greed, fear, excitement or panic have no place while he is making trade decisions. Being human it is quite difficult to keep a check on these emotions. But if you need to be successful, you should control and minimize their effect.

Merging Horizontally

Understanding Horizontal Merger

When two companies that are operating in the same industry are merged with one another or consolidated with one another it is known as a horizontal merger. When the firms are operating in the same area there seems to be more competition which means that synergies and possible profits in the share market are quite high for the companies that get merged. In order to generate economies of scale that is highly efficient, huge companies attempt horizontal merger very frequently. On the contrary, when the companies want their production operation to become highly efficient there is a vertical merger that happens between two firms that operate in a different industry and consolidate to become cost effective as well.

Horizontal Merger in Depth

The competitive advantages can be obtained with the help of a horizontal merger. An example would be where there are two companies that are selling a product that is of similar type when these two are integrated and the sales upon combining them through the horizontal merger will provide the new firms that have been forming a higher share of the market. On the other hand when there is one company that is offering a different product that will complement the other company when they are merged through horizontal merger when there is a new company formed will be able to provide a wide variety of products to their consumers. And finally, when two companies that are providing different products to a different division of market will help the new firm that has formed upon merger will expand the products it will offer and help in entering new marketplaces.

Advantages of Horizontal Merger

Instead of putting in efforts to develop the products or services singly, the two companies that are already excellent in that particular industry should undergo horizontal merger since that would be a good investment. There is an increase in the revenue of the firm when there is a horizontal merger as they will offer more variety of products to their existing consumers in addition to the products that they are already getting. Either of the two companies that undergo horizontal merger before merger has a facility of distributing to various geographical areas the new company will be able to sell products to other geographical areas or if one of the company has a customer in the territories that are not included by the other firm. The ultimatum of competition in the market is also reduced when there is a horizontal merger.

Outsourcing Helps The Business

To save your time and energy many businesses delegate their tasks. Delegating the tasks means that you need to outsource the tasks to be performed by others. However, it might sound like assigning a job is easy but there are constraints to it as well. Whenever you assign tasks to other, there are chances of them getting messed up which will result in performing the same task again by yourself. This kind of things will just keep your business from reaching its goals.

One way to resolve this issue is by finding a contract helper to who work on outsourced tasks or find the best employee, to begin with. There might some expenses that you will have to pay for this to be done, nonetheless, it will save a lot of your time that you can spend on other high priority things which will increase your potential income.

The second way would be to be extremely specific about what is the task that has to be done. In the beginning, it might be a little time consuming since you have enlisted stepwise in an exact manner what is that you want your employee whom you have assigned work to have to do. There is no excuse for assuming things and thinking that the person you have assigned work will be capable of thinking on their own. In fact, they have the capability of thinking on their own, but still, they will finish the work verbatim as they have been trained that way.

Another challenge that one faces when they want to establish a firm is selecting what they want to sell. You might as well sell a candy for all that matters, provided you know what are the products required and services. However, the challenge here is choosing the niche. Assume that you do not have the ability to pick niches that will prosper and want to assign this task to a person who is very good at this task. Instead of hiring a big marketing company for this job, which will be expensive as well, you can hire a researcher who is a freelancer. Hire a freelancer who has experience in whatever field you have chosen to enter. Make them perform a market research and design a report with the recommended niches which is supported by possible profits margins and the full SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Challenges A Business Owner Faces

In the today’s highly competitive world where setting a business and making sure it is up and about running is becoming more and more difficult for entrepreneurs who are having a hard time while setting up because they are facing several challenges when they are doing so. There are challenges faced when trading as well. However, the modern times have made it easy for entrepreneurs to deal with these challenges. Let us discuss a few challenges faced by them and understand why they happen and how they can be resolved.

  • Managing the flow of money
  1. Challenge faced: If you have set up a small start-up firm cash flow is one of the very essential aspects of a business in order to survive, still a lot of time entrepreneurs strive to make the payments of bills and other things when they are awaiting the arrival of the checks. On think that commonly leads to this delay is that the delay in invoicing, which happens very often in the world of entrepreneurs. How it works is, a job is done upon which an invoice needs to be sent following with they will get the payments hopefully after 30 days of completion. While you are waiting for to get the payments, the payments that need to be given to your employees, contractors, mortgages or household items will not wait, which means that even before you get the payments all these bills should be taken care of. Therefore, waiting for your payment is difficult to go through. Moreover, if the customer doesn’t make any payments you might put everything that you have at risk.
  2. Solving the challenge: With the management of money, flow follows correct budgeting. Having a proper budget planned will help to some extent as this will not completely solve the cash flow problem. To make it less stressing what you can do is take a down payment for the service you are offering or products you are supposed to deliver. It is required to take a down payment that will pay all the bills and expenses that come with the project and also leave you with some profit. If you take down payment at least it will be assured that you will not be paying only bills because adding some money to the profit got from down payments, you will be able to make payments on your own. Another way there will be an improvement in your flow of cash is by sending the invoice faster.

Keep The Business Under Control

When you go through all the hiring process and pick the right candidate and hire them, once they start working for you, you will know what the rewards they deserve are. It will be easy to adjust the rewards you want to give them because you would have asked the candidate before hiring what they are expecting from the company. This doesn’t mean that you are bending too much towards your employees, it just simply means that if they work hard, they will get what they deserve and what they are expecting. This will make things clear to both you as well as the candidate which will set a foundation for a long time.

Managing time is another type of challenge that every business faces. This is considered as the biggest problem that entrepreneurs face because they have to manage so many things and deal with them in so less time. They always feel that there would a lot of things that they could achieve if there was more time.

Just like how money needs to be earned and managed, time also needs management and planning smartly as to how you are going to utilize your time is the key. Here are some steps you can follow

  • Listing your goals: Make a list of all the goals you want to achieve in your lifetime. You can further break them down into goals you will be achieved every year, then break it down to every month and finally every week which goal you will achieve. Once a goal for each week is set, the tasks that need to be done every day in order to achieve these tasks within a week can be specified. Lastly, all you need to do is stay on the same path and get everyday tasks done so that your life goals are right on track.
  • Suppose there is a task that you need to do but it doesn’t lead you to your goal, eliminating it would be a good idea since it will be just time to consume to finish it. If it is necessary that the task has to be performed, assign it to someone.
  • Search for the tasks that can be assigned to others in order to be completed on behalf of you. In this way, you can concentrate on other important tasks.
  • Whenever you are performing some task, ask yourself whether this is the right time to do this.

How to manage your joint account in case of a divorce

There are several benefits to having a joint account but when relationships turn sour, things become complicated and in certain cases downright ugly if you have a vindictive partner. Hence, it is always better to know what happens to a joint account in the event of a divorce.

Your responsibilities in a joint account

Everyone who owns a joint account must realize that each party is liable to 100% of the debt and not just 50%. Hence, if your partner ever empties the coffers and you wish to close the account you can do that only when you clear all the debt incurred jointly even if you do not stay together anymore. What usually happens in most cases is that the control of a joint account invariably rests in the hand of the main breadwinner which can be disastrous for the other spouse. Despite the law stating that both parties are responsible when one party is absconding with the money, the other spouse automatically becomes responsible.

What should you do in the event of a break-up

If one of the partners is unscrupulous then the other can end up in a financial mess. Hence, it is better to inform your creditors and the bank as soon as possible of a break up so that your account can be frozen and no withdrawals can be made until both partners are present or have consented. This will not affect the pre-agreed payments and they will continue to be deducted as scheduled.

A common advice that most attorneys give their clients, especially if you are unemployed is to withdraw sufficient money to cover your basic needs before filing for a divorce because once you file a case your account will be frozen and you will not be able to withdraw any cash even to meet your daily expenses.

How your finances are divided will depend on the laws of the state you live in. but whatever the case do not remove more than 50% of the funds from the account. Based on the individual case you might be asked to even return the withdrawn funds.

How to safeguard yourself

You can open a new separate account by informing the court and your spouse about it to prevent any misunderstanding and legal complications via financial declaration. This will ensure that all your paychecks reach your account and away from the spousal reach. In case you need extra income during these stressful times you can invest in an automated trading robot like Ethereum Code which is known to provide decent returns.

Remember tough times never last but tough people do.