Mathare youth association was formed in 1987. By then mysa office was a 9 meter square room. With the expand in sports,community, selfhelp projects and leadership trainning programs by and for the youth of Mathare and for and neighbouring slums as a viable model.

One must aspire!

This is what my parents thought me. There is nothing that one cannot achieve but the only condition is that he must want it first. Indeed, a person who does not stop fighting to have it will have what he is fighting for in the end come what may. It is as if the whole universe with its diverse elements would conspire to help him get what he wants so badly.

Here is what my case was:

You will not believe that this swanky office and these lovely suits and shoes that I am sporting today were not there even a couple of years ago. I could not even afford to travel by public transport. I was in one set of clothes for more than a fortnight and the day my mother would decide that the clothes needed a wash, I would stay back in the house not attending college on the pretext of not being too well because I did not have enough clothes to go out that day.

The transformation came when my the lecturer came to know about us:

Mrs. Smith was the economics teacher and she thought that I was naturally talented in the subject. What she did not know was that I stayed up until the Zen hours on the day studying before her class to impress her so that she could help me try for a scholarship. I would do the lessons even before she would do the explanation in the class.

Mrs. Smith came to know about me through a classmate and she decided o help me do online trading and in her own words to be able to carry the burden of the house on my shoulders.

She lent me $250 and her old laptop and she asked to study the websites and give her a feedback as to which one of them was the right one to invest all that money into.

Diligent student:

The kind of responsible student that I was I decided to read through make notes, tabular columns etc and the next day I was at her desk with a small booklet titled QProfit System Review.

She read through the pages with evincing interest and looked at my face and said, “now go ahead and make sure you double that up”

When you have, give me the initial deposit back!

I was surprised. And teary-eyed. I hugged her and said a thank you. In three days flat, I returned her initial investment. She was impressed! She helped me get a good scholarship and a lifetime of trust because it is two years since and I still trade on this lovely software! I am so glad that Mrs. Smith came in my life. May good Lord Jesus bless her always!!

Inspiration and source of expertise for similar youth self-help projects in poor urban and rural communities in kenya and other countries.

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