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NairoBits uses internet as a platform for personal expression and cultural exchange. How do you view internet? Do you use internet to meet friends, to find information, or just to surf a bit? And could you do without?

The internet is a great tool:

Even a few years ago, I was not a tech-savvy that I am today. I mean there was not much that I looked up into computers for except maybe a couple of spellings or the pronunciation of a new English word that I had heard and wanted to be able to use it in my conversation.

English was a new language when I joined college and I thought the easiest way to start knowing a culture is to know their language first. And I remember my mother telling me this oftentimes in my childhood, that the sweetest thing to somebody’s ears is their own mother tongue.

I was a college sophomore and I wanted to be able to work on the side so that I could afford my own education. Student loan had to be paid and there was not much I could expect from back home.

I looked up at the internet for searching jobs:

Jobs galore but all of them required that I spend at least five to six hours at their place and I was hoping to work really hard at college to be able to get outstanding grades. The criteria for getting into the master’s program for my field required that I have the highest aggregate along with good experience in the field. With being away at work for six hours, that looked a remote thing.

Then I hit upon software called Fintech Limited which is a trading platform for binary options. I realized that I could start a trading account with them for as little as $250 and I would be done.

Since I did not know too much about trading I was hesitant. But soon I read everything about it and traded for a couple of weeks on their demo account to become a pro at it.

Life is cool!

I learned the ropes of trading too quickly. Today, I make at least $100 each day as profit alone and it leaves me with a lot of time to comprehensively revise my everyday lessons. Thank god for online trading!

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Topic Different continents, similar thoughts?
The youth involved in NairoBits are from Kenya, the Netherlands or Ireland. There are lots of differences between these countries, but lots of similarities as well. Where are you from? What’s specific for your country and what do you think you have in common with youth from the countries involved?
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