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Faith left just a couple of days ago and we are still overwhelmed by all the things we discussed. Here our some of the highlights of her trip:

* Brunch with all the volunteers on sunday, the first time for a lot of people to meet Faith and discuss with eachother all the new plans.
* A visit to Mediamatic, a designstudio in Amsterdam and attending Emer’s class on concept developing.
* A visit to Stipo (Ineke’s workplace) to collect an nice design assignment for the youth.
* Meeting our dear sponser ICCO and talk about future plans and again… collecting an assignment for the youth!
* A visit to QuA Accociates (Hester’s workplace) to meet the designers and see the latest design possibilities in flash.

And of course….shopping…. sightseeing….eating….and talking. We had a great time together and we go full speed ahead. We hope to open our new office in June.

April 6:
Faith Longwe our local Kenyan coordinator is coming to the Netherlands! A perfect time to talk about all the future plans of NairoBits. Furthermore she will attend a few related workshops and visit some multimedia studio’s in Amsterdam. And most of all this is a chance to finally meet all these volunteers who make NairoBits possible!
April 4:
We are happy to say that also other countries are discovering NairoBits. Today the BBC from England will visit NairoBits for a documentary about internet in Africa! The BBC is one of the leading networks in Europe and the show will be aired around September. We will keep you posted… 
April 1:
Sooo ….much is happening…NairoBits is getting stronger than ever before! Last week our main sponsor’s decided to give funding for the coming 3 years!Together we can now build a professional webdesign office in Nairobi.

The first (paid) projects are coming in, the youth will start working on a few pages about the projects from ICCO, it will all be launched at Festival Mundial in the Netherlands. ICCO is a charity organisation and the biggest fan of the NairoBits project.

Besides the ICCO project the youth will start working on a site for African art More about this later…..

March 5:
Faith and Corinne will meet HIVOS in Nairobi to discuss future plans.

March 2:
After winning the World Bank price 2000 we anted a new contest: The Stockholm exchange! The Stockholm Challenge gives projects the opportunity to participate in a fantastic networking activity where IT entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from all over the world meet and showcase their best solutions!

Come and take a look at us and other projects

February 16
A new project from the Nairobi youth is online! We are proud to present: 
This site for the Royal Netherlands Embassy is made by NairoBits!

February 8:
Lots of things are happening!
NairoBits found with help of TAABCO an new office…So the computers are moved again but this time for longer…
Also we have a new member on board, Corinne a Dutch lady who recently moved to Nairobi and was looking for an inspiring volunteer job. She will assist our local coordinator Faith.

The Dutch team is growing also with new people for press, webdesign and concept !

But the best this week we finished our year report 2000…pfffff…what a job…..
January 17:
We are getting back on track… the computers are moved to the new MYSA building in one of the slums of Nairobi. The computer lessons to the MYSA youth will now continue as normal. Thanks to the generator we can work there because there is no electricity in the building.
Quite a new adventure……

January 8:
Today the NairoBits youth started to come together again to work on the future of NairoBits. Unfortunately we are facing some challenges. The NairoBits project had to leave the school and is currently searching for a new space. The computers are in storage so we have to keep our fingers crossed that we get a new space soon. But of course we are not ready to give up and came with an alternative plan:

Simon, Mark, George Otieno, Kennedy will continue working on the Dutch Embassy site, first and any other work that is needed to be done.

Karani, Bonface, Idris, George Wambugu, Stephen will train the MYSA new youth

Geoffrey, Biasha, rose, Campos, Masaka, Joseph, Kiarie, Moses will go to Mombasa to work together with Kuona Trust (an artist organisation).More about this project later……

To continue teaching and doing projects we requested funding for the coming year, but all is still in process. Do you know somebody who is willing to sponsor the project, please let us know! With help we are aiming to be selfsustained within 3 years.

2001 January 1:
Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true!
Please keep a close eye on NairoBits this year to see what we will accomplish this year…..